Connecting the security key

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Connecting the security key

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There are two types of security keys available for Speed-Quote:


USBKey_Pic_SmallUSB Security Key        PrinterKey_Pic_SmallPrinter Security Key



Please follow the installation instruction for the style of security key that you own.


Connecting a USB security key:


1.Insert the USB security key in the USB port on your computer. Note that the key has a specific way that it will fit, so examine the slot and key before inserting.
2.USB keys, unlike printer keys, can be inserted while the computer is turned on.


Connecting a printer security key:


1.Turn off the computer (in Windows you should use the 'Shut Down' procedure before turning off the computer – see your Windows instructions).
2.Insert the Speed-Quote security key in the printer/parallel port of your computer. If you have a printer attached to your computer you will need to unscrew the cable.
3.Using the screws attached to the security key, screw the key firmly into the printer/parallel port.
4.If you have a printer attached to your computer, insert the printer cable into the back of the security key.
5.Turn on your computer and start Windows.


Warning        Warning! DO NOT plug-in or remove a printer security key when the computer is on! This may damage the security key and you will be unable to run Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition!