Setup user accounts

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Setup user accounts

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Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition requires that each user have an account and password.


If you will be connecting to a Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition network server, your system administrator will provide you with a user name and password.


If you are using Speed-Quote in stand-alone mode and will not be connecting to a network server, you can create your own user name and password:


1.Type the user name and password you prefer. Since you are not connecting to a Speed-Quote server, you can make the user name and password whatever you wish. Please note that Apptastic Software does not assign passwords.
2.When asked "Do you want to create a new user?", click the Create New User button.
3.On the Create New User window, type your password again (to confirm it) and be sure to enter all your contact information as requested. The contact information is important, as it will be used for security when you update your software.
4.Read the End-User License Agreement, and check the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement" box. Click the Accept button.
5.Once the user account is created, you will be back at the main login window. Type your password and press the OK button to proceed.
6.If you wish to add other users, simply type a different user name and password during login to create another account. Please note that an existing user must verify (using their password) the creation of any new accounts.


Warning        Warning! Please note that having a user account and password does not secure your databases. The user accounts are for networking and business rules within Speed-Quote, and will not protect your data from any malicious people that gain access to your computer.


Help        Special Tip! System administrators setting up a Speed-Quote server do not create user names and passwords in the manner described above, but should instead use the "Speed-Quote Server Admin" application.