Facial Animation

Animate your characters faster and with intuitive controls. Key poses manually, or motion capture your real-time performances to create organic animations.

NEW! Channel Chimp version 2 includes an easy-to-use facial rig assembly and web browser interface.

Character courtesy of William Vaughan.

Monster Truck courtesy of François Daigle. Tank courtesy of Mike Jagodzinski..

Vehicle Animation

Create vehicle animations and walkthroughs with real-time motion capture recording. Choose your favourite performances, and create keyed animations instantly in Modo.

NEW! Channel Chimp version 2 includes a simple to use vehicle rig assembly and web browser interface. Start your engines!

Scene courtesy of Cristóbal Vila.

Handheld Camera

Add handheld camera motions to your animations. Create realistic, natural camera movement with real-time motion capture from any gyroscope equipped smartphone or tablet.

NEW! Channel Chimp version 2 now includes a camera rig assembly and web browser interface. Use your Android or iOS device to capture organic camera movements!

Video courtesy of John Knoll.

"I’m very excited about the possibilities that Channel Chimp enables. Channel Chimp makes possible motion captured cameras, puppeteered characters, user drivable and flyable vehicle simulations to name but a few. Having a link to external hardware opens up exciting new ways of working!"

- John Knoll

House scene courtesy of François Daigle.

VR Controllers NEW!

Channel Chimp now supports virtual reality controllers!  Create motion captured animations by recording the tracked movements of your VR headset and controllers.

NEW! Channel Chimp version 2 includes a virtual reality rig assembly, allowing you to easily connect your VR controllers to anything you want to move in Modo.

Control Modo

Custom interfaces enable new efficiency when working with Modo. Not only can you control virtually any channel in Modo, but you can also trigger commands, scripts, and macros for even more possibilities!

NEW! Channel Chimp version 2 now includes a timeline web browser interface to speed your workflow.

Web UI Add-Ons NEW!

Channel Chimp 2 lets you control Modo with the browser on your phone, tablet or desktop!

Enjoy the web add-ons included with Channel Chimp, or create customized interfaces with the javascript SDK.

Included with Channel Chimp 2:

  • Face Rig
  • Gyroscope
  • Timeline Control
  • Vehicle Driving
  • ScreenscapeS Touch - Common Tools by Mike Speigner

Drumming by Chris Stephenson of Old James

Motion Graphics

Use MIDI instruments and music sequencer software to drive animations and effects in Modo.