Speed-Quote Toys R Us Edition

Apptastic Software has partnered with Toys "R" Us to create a custom version of Speed-Quote.

Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition allows vendors to create quote forms for all Toys "R" Us divisions (including International, U.S. domestic and import, TRU.COM, Canada, and U.K.), sample tag forms, and electronic submission to EDQ Portal.

Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition includes the same easy-to-use interface and basic features of the industry leading Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition, but only includes quote forms specific to Toys "R" Us.

If you would like to quote other retailers - including Toys "R" Us - then consider upgrading to Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition with over 1000 retailer forms. The Enterprise Edition provides client/server networking, and a host of other powerful features.


  • Color Digital Photos - view and print photos of your products directly from the software.
  • Excel Export - save and email your quote sheets in Excel format directly to your buyer.
  • Electronic Submission - upload information to Toys "R" Us EDQ Portal.
  • Landed Cost Calculation - automatically calculates landed cost, including all loads and ocean freight rates.
  • UPC/EAN Check Digit Generation - makes sure your UPC and/or EAN check digits are correct.
  • Master Cube Calculation - master cube is automatically calculated based on unit sizes.
  • Unit Conversion - enter your item information in metric or imperial.
  • Management Reports - print summaries of your quotes and product information.
  • Quote Tracking - easily check which products have been quoted to which division.
  • Multiple Databases - create a separate database for each product line or manufacturer. Sales companies can maintain a separate database for each vendor they represent.
  • Quick Search - instantly switch to the product you want to quote.
  • User Defaults - reduces your work by remembering the common information you use.
  • Simple Backup - easily backup your data so your quotes and product information are always safe.
  • "Smart" Printing - automatically checks your printer and paper to insure that your quotes always print perfectly.
  • Internet Updates - automatically get the latest versions of Toys "R" Us forms and rates. Your quotes are updated without having to re-enter information.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or later operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or later

Users of Mac computers with Intel processors can run Speed-Quote with a virtual machine. Please see our support section for more information.