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Speed-Quote Syndication Software

Manage Product Information

Enter your information on an intuitive, concise product screen!

Produce Quotes

Produce quotes on over 2000 Retailer Excel, PDF and Web Forms!

Send to the Retailer

Connect with retail partners!

Simplifying Business

Apptastic Software provides tools to streamline the information flow between vendors and retailers.

Speed-Quote Enterprise

Join the thousands of companies that have used our software to manage their product information and quoting requirements, gaining significant cost savings from increased efficiency and reduction of errors.

Great Customer Service

Awarded Toys R Us "Vendor of the Year" seven times.  

"We have been a customer of Apptastic since the beginning. The program is simple to use, without flaws, and the customer service is excellent. I can highly recommend them as a business partner."

AJL Associates Ltd.

What our clients are saying...

Mattel / Fisher-Price

"Apptastic Software is a valuable partner with Mattel/Fisher-Price in supplying software for the generation of quote sheets. The Speed-Quote program is a full enterprise solution; expandable to our offices around the globe. It is easy to use for our Customer Service and Sales staff, and needs minimal IT support. It has been a great return on investment."

Mr. Bar-B-Q

"The most efficient, quickest and simple way to do your import quotes. No more spending days and nights filling out forms and pasting pictures - this is the real deal."


"This is the perfect tool to do your quotes, time saving and cost effective!"