New Installations

To download the software for a NEW installation, click on the button below:

Download Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition

PLEASE NOTE:  Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition requires a hardware security key license

Upgrading to 2024 version

Upgrading to 2024 version is done using the "Easy Upgrade" method from within the software.

Please see the instructions in the renewal email you received after registering for the 2024 version.


Updates for Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition and retailer forms are provided from within the software.

To update Speed-Quote in stand-alone mode (ie. you are not connecting to a Speed-Quote server), insure that your computer is connected to the internet and click the Update from Internet button on the main toolbar. Alternatively, you can also select this option from the Tools menu.

If you are connecting to a Speed-Quote Enterprise server, the server will provide the updates for all users. Your network administrator must insure that the Speed-Quote server has access to the internet, and then must run the "Speed-Quote Enterprise Admin" program and set Events - Update to a desired update schedule. Please refer to the Speed-Quote Enterprise Server manual for more information.

If you are running an outdated version of Speed-Quote Enterprise (prior to 2024 edition) you will NOT be able to update. Please contact to obtain the latest version of the software.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is very important to update Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition from the internet on a regular basis. Retailers may release new versions of their quote forms, and the Speed-Quote software is updated periodically. By doing internet updates you will insure that your copy of Speed-Quote always has the latest quote forms, software, and rates for our partner retailers.

Developer Files

Speed-Quote Import XML Schema

This file contains the XSD schema used when importing products into Speed-Quote, Master Table Descriptions in Excel file format, and some examples.

Speed-Quote ODBC Drivers

This file contains the ODBC Driver for the DBISAM database as well as Table Descriptions. Please read the included "SQ ODBC Notes.doc" before using the driver

Speed-Quote Table Structures

This file contains the Master Table Descriptions in Excel file format.

Speed-Quote Batch Information

This file contains information about extending Speed-Quote Batch files to allow retailer specific information to be added to quotesheets.