Creating retailer products

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Creating retailer products

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With the Master Entry Sheet products created, you are now ready to start making retailer products! You may be surprised to know that you have already done 90% of the work needed to create a retailer product. Because the Master Entry Sheet acts as a reference, the information it contains will automatically be transferred when you create a retail product.


Warning        Warning!  Speed-Quote allows you to type whatever information you want in the form fields. It is always your responsibility to ensure that the information you enter is correct, or your product will not be accurate.


Help        Special Tip! Apptastic Software does not have a partnership with all of the retailers represented in Speed-Quote. Always check that the latest forms provided by your buyer match those in the software. If you discover a problem, contact us immediately so that we can insure that the forms in Speed-Quote are updated. Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition exists to benefit the vendor community, and we add and update retailer forms based on the requests from our customers.