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Certain fields, such as the "Selling description for catalogs and websites" on the Master Entry Sheet,  are called a memo. Memo fields can contain multiple lines of text.


021 Memo


Although you can only see a fixed number of lines (7 lines in the example shown above), if you keep typing in the field the memo will scroll up to allow you to enter more lines. To move up or down the lines in the memo, use the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard.


If you enter more lines of text than the memo can display, the background color will turn light purple. This color acts as a reminder that you are not able to see the full text contents in the field on screen.


Help        Special Tip! Even though memo fields can hold lots of text, we strongly suggest you keep any descriptions as brief as possible. Some retailer quote forms have very limited space, so longer memo text might not fit.