Field coloration

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Field coloration

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The coloration of fields in Speed-Quote provide important information for working with products. You should note that these colors do not appear when the product is printed or exported to electronic formats (such as Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF).


Coloration Calc  Blue text indicates that the field triggers a calculation.


Coloration RevCalc  Purple text indicates that the field triggers a reverse calculation.


Help        Special Tip! Calculations happen automatically while you work. Press the Enter key when typing in a calculation or reverse calculation field to see an immediate calculation result (without exiting the control).


Coloration Normal  White is the normal background color for all fields.


Coloration Required  Red backgrounds mean that the fields are required by the retailer, and you cannot submit the product without filling them.


Coloration Warning  Yellow backgrounds are a warning. A yellow field means that there is a difference between the corresponding information on the Master Entry Sheet, or that the rates and loads set for the retailer do not match the value currently entered on the product. Whenever you override information that came from the Master, for example, you will see that the field turns yellow.


Coloration Default  Blue backgrounds mean that the values in the fields are being set by defaults.