Users and Groups

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Users and Groups

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A "User" is any person that can access information from this server.  Each user must have an unique User Name.  When a user is first created the Password is set to the same as the User Name.  The administrator can change this password by clicking on the Change Password link.  Users are assigned different global rights, database access rights and quote sheet access rights.


Users may be grouped together in order to share the same rights.  When a user is part of a group their individual rights are ignored.  A user is added to a group by clicking on the user while holding down the Ctrl-key and dragging that user onto a group.  Settings can be copied from one user or group to another in the same way.




Here we see four users: Cheryl, John, Dave and Wayne.  Two of these users, Cheryl and John, have been assigned to the Sales group.  "Dave" has been selected and his global information is on the right.


Global Rights


Active - Enables or disables a user or group from accessing the system.
Administrator Rights - Allows a user to access this administration program.
Allow Custom Quote Sheet Creation - Allows a user to create a new custom quote sheet.
Allow User to Change Preferences - Allows a user to change their preferences in the Speed-Quote client.
Allow Advanced Database Functions - Allows a user to rename, delete, backup databases in the Speed-Quote client.
Allow User to Use Multiple Edit Features - Allows a user to create, modify or delete mutliple products with a single command.