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Find a retailer

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Find_32_hil To quickly select retailer quote sheets, click the Find a Retailer button (next to the Retailer drop-down menu) in the upper left of the main Speed-Quote screen (as shown below).  Alternatively, you can also select this option from the Edit menu or simply press the Control+O keys on your keyboard.


031c retailer find button


In the Find a Retailer window that pops up, enter the search terms into the Filter box to locate retailer quote sheets.


You can enter complete retailer names, like "toys r us" and "walgreens".  But you can also use just parts of the name like "toys" and "walg" instead. You can also search for a specific type of sheet, like "domestic" or "import".


For example, if you wanted to find quote sheets for Toys 'R' Us U.S. division, you could type "toys U.S." in the filter box (as shown below):


94a find a retailer


The result is a list of any retailer quote sheets that contain the text "toys" and "U.S." in their title - in this case showing all of the Toys 'R' Us U.S. division forms.


If you wanted to find all sample tag forms for Walgreens, you could enter "walg samp" (as shown below):


94b find a retailer




The result is a list of any retailer quote sheets containing the text for both "walg" and "samp" - so here we get a listing of all the Walgreens sample tag forms.


To order the list by the most recently updated forms, check the Order by Most Recently Updated box.


94c find a retailer


As you highlight the mouse cursor over an entry in the list, a hint box will appear showing the date that the form was last revised.


Click on one of the quote sheets to select it, and then click the Open Quote Sheet button.


Help        Special Tip! You can also move through the list using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard, and pressing the Enter key to select a sheet.