Selecting a database

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Selecting a database

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Speed-Quote will now ask you to select which database you would like to use (as seen below). This window is the first one you'll see after logging in to Speed-Quote, and is also available from the File menu within the program. If you have not yet created an initial database, see the installation chapter for instructions to create first database.


013 Select DB Again

You can select any of the databases that have a status of "Available". If the status is other than "Available", it means that your network administrator has not granted you the right to use this database.


To select a database:


1.Select one of the available databases. You may click on a database to select it, or use the keyboard arrow keys to move up and down the list.
2.Click the Use Selected Database button (or press the Enter key on the keyboard).


If your user account has permission to create databases, you will see the Create New Database button. Click this button if you wish to create additional databases.