Setting defaults

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Setting defaults

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What if you are using the same information on many products? For example, maybe your brand name, company, or export information will be the same for all products. You don't want to keep re-typing the same information each time you create a new product.


Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition provides an easy way to set a piece of information as the default. Default information will appear automatically on any product you create.


To set a default for any field, just click with the right mouse button on it. A popup menu will appear allowing you to use, set, and clear defaults:


Set Default: sets the default to the value currently in the field.
Clear Default: removes the default set for the field.
Use Default -> For Current Product: applies the current default to the field
Use Default -> Apply to Selected Products: this advanced feature will let you paste the current default value into selected products. A selection window will appear with a list of all available products. Checkmark the products to which you want the default applied.


If you are using a Speed-Quote network server, you should note that defaults are set on a per user basis. This means that you can have a different set of defaults (best suited to the way you work) than the other Speed-Quote users on your network.


Help        Special Tip! You can quickly tell when a field has been set from a default because the background color will be blue.


Warning        Warning!  Be cautious with the Use Default -> Apply to Selected Products feature. This function copies the default value into all the products you select, and will override any information previously entered in that field.